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Industrial Statistics

Hurd's Seed Drill

The Cotton Crop of 1836

Transatlantic Telegraph Company

Architectural Ornaments of Plaster

Great Patent Law Case Decided

Liquid Quartz-Artificial Stone

Maelstrom--The Great Whirlpool

Reform in Weights and Measures

Repairing Old Plating Solutions

The Ice Crop

Colored Spool Cotton

Mineral Rods

Elastic Ring Packing Pump

Speed of Circular Saws

Further Experiments with Bessemer's Iron Process

Manufacture of Aluminum

Water Proof Blacking


Water in Gas Pipe

Hayward's India Rubber Bill

Prize to the Inventor of the Minie Rifle Bullet

Useful Knowledge Respecting the Vegetable Food of Man

Agriculture--Machines--Testing Guano

Improving the Ohio River

Scientific Examinations in Murder Cases

Mysteries of Boiler Explosion

Transplanting Large Trees

Arrangement of the Crystal of Cast Iron

Defeat of Patent Extension Schemes

A Large Nugget of Silver

Valuable Door Lock

A New Agricultural Business

Advice to Inventors--Theory and Practice


Glycerine and its Uses

Important Items

Search for the Course of Ocean Currents

Sherman& Mason's Hand Planter

Back Band Hook for Plow Harness

How the Solar System Was Developed

Coating Iron With Copper


Inventors and Manufacturers

Science Increasing Longevity


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