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Boone's Rope Machine

A Swift Ship

Petition for Extension of a Patent--Fire Proof Safes

Mechanism of the Horse's Foot

List of Patent Claims


Artificial Diamonds

Archimedes and the Lever

Foreign Summary

The Use and Choosing of Spectacles

History of Air Chambers on Pumps

Adjustable Drop-Motion for Steam Valves

New Pomp Boring Machine

Improvement in Rudders of Vessels

Fogs, Fogs

Competition for Russian Work

New Commissioner of Patents

Magnetic Communication for Individual Purposes

Exhibition of the Metropolitan Mechanics Society, Washington, D. C.

Errors of the Press

Cultivated Mechanics

Report of the Commissioner of Patents for 1856

Rheumatism and Cider

To Render Textile Fabrics Water-Proof

Finishing Yarns

Improvement in Washing


Inventors, and Manufacturers

Pile Ointment

Separating Burrs From Wool


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February 28, 1857

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism