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Artificial Stone

Hayes' Method of Mounting Artificial Teeth

Corn Husking Machine

List of Patent Claims

Balancing Slide Valves

Proper Pressure to Blow-Off Boilers

Bending Steamed Wood

The Stirling Talabot Patent Process for Iron

Speed of Millstones-Tempering Picks

Inventions Wanted--Ventilation

Improved Chain Pump

Goodwin's Corn Planter

Automatic Oven

The Patent Extensions

The Best Roofing Materials

Steam Engine Improvements


Heavy Cables

Dressing Skins for Robes, Saddles, and Mats

Weighing Gold Quartz

To Boys--Misapplied Labor

The Steamship Great Britain

The Great Eastern

Source of the Sun's Heat

Science and the Industrial Arts

Post Office Orders

Laying the Great Telegraph

Ingenuity of the Germans


Fountain of Blood in a Cavern

Controlling the Sex of Bees

Another Man of Science Gone

Important Items

Armstrong's Patent Steam Generator

Artesian Wells


Inventors, and Manufacturers

Simple Weather Prognosticator


  • Letters


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March 21, 1857