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Eggleston's Improved Saw Mill

Subdivisions of Chemistry

New Process of Tanning

Legal Tender

Hydro-Steam Engine

Endurance of Submarine Cables

List of Patent Claims

Saw Mill Wheels

A Superior Washing Fluid

Working of Cast Steel

The Steamship Great Eastern

Preserving Wrought Iron Tanks

Night Spectacles

Management of Root Crops

Growing Rubber in the United States

Expulsion of Air from Aqueduct Pipes

Burnham's Improved Diaphragm Pump

Map Adjuster

Information Wanted--A Model Wanting an Owner

Inventions Wanted--Coal Burning

The Manufacture of Iron

The Burning of Gunpowder

Sending Money by Mail

Museums for Models, &C

Baling Cotton

The National Hotel Sickness

The Magic Corn Husker

Smooth Surface on Castings

Self-Acting Regulators

More About the Sex of Bees

Mud Houses

Chinese Plants

Church Clocks


Inventors, and Manufacturers

Speed of Electricity

The Pacific Railroad


  • Letters


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March 28, 1857

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