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Improved Capstan for Ships

List of Patent Claims

Passenger Coal-Burning Locomotives Successful

Adulterated Liquors

Cement Tan Vats

Lead Discoveries

Notes on Science and Foreign Inventions

The Red Sea Green

Electricity and Lightning Rods

To Make Berlin Fine Castings

Printing in China

Cure for Chronic Rheumatism

Product of Gold and Silver in the World

Electrical Protection of Metals

American Balance Docks in Austria

Choosing Printed Paper for Walls

Elevators for Steamboats

Machine Horse and Mule Shoes

Machine for Paging Books

Varnish for Rustic Garden Seats

Improvements in Sculpture

When Patents Expire

Iron Ships with Iron Rigging

Strains on Material

Strength and Temperature

Artesian Well Water

Galvanized Iron

Headaehe Snuff

How to Launch the Great Eastern

The Rise in the Price of Diamonds

Americans Raising Sunken Vessels

Photographic Improvement


Fine Cotton

Telegraph to the Pacific

California Wants and our Manufactures

Caribbean and Peruvian Guano

Detection of Cotton in Woolen Fabrics

New Atlantic Telegraph Company

Screw versus Paddle

The Comet


Important Items

Cultivating shad


The Appearance and Movements of Comets

Glycerine and Kreosote in Scarlatina


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