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A Gigantic Bird

Color of the Moon During Eclipses

Noah's Ark and the Great Eastern Steamship

Bad Effects of Snuff

Munroe's Improved Turbine Wheel

Post and Pump Boring Machine

List of Patent Claims

One Hundred Tuns of Grass to the Acre

A New Science--Hydroscopy

Mechanics' Hand Books--The Weight of Coal

Notes on Science and Foreign Inventions

Simple Butter Cooler

Heller's Quadruple Water Wheel

Nautical Telegraph

Rifle Percussion Shell

The Maynooth Battery

Perpetual Motion

Electric Illumination

Guides for Circular and Other Saws

Reaping Machine Challenge

Street Sweeping Machines

Clay and Iron Gas Retorts

Management of the Flax Crop

Salt Barrels for Preserving Apples

Applying the Waste Gases of Furnaces

Patterns of Printed Goods

Iron Castings

Ocean Steam Navigation

Statue of Washington

Kentucky Mechanics Institute Fair

Strychnine in Whiskey

Patent Cases

Shark and Whale Oil

Increase of English Factories

Water Hygiene

A Cattle Plague

National Hotel Disease

Oil from Coal

Important Items


New Steamer

The Louisiana Sugar Crop

Improved Cock for Basins

Cultivating Potatoes

More about Comets

Berdan's Bakery

Blacking for Horse Harness


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