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Antediluvian Remains

Holcomb's Submarine Carriage Way

California Coal

List of Patent Claims

Iron Ship Knees

Halifax Harbor



Notes on Science and Foreign Inventions

Self-Weighing Carts

Grain Separator and Scourer

Alloy Resembling Gold

Maryland Reaper Trial

Grand National Trial of Harvesting Machines

American Crucibles and Composition Molds

The Triumphs of Engineering

Steam Cultivation

Hollow Walls Again

Divining Rods and Lightning Rods

The Hoosic Tunnel

The Divining Rod--A Theory

Setting Artificial Teeth

Important Items


Improved Clothes Ironer

Lighting Gas by Galvanism


Patent Tea Kettle

Railroad Celebration

Rotary Knife Cleaner

The Frigate Niagara

The Vanderbilt

A Great Dam

A Wonderful Iron

Another Search for Sir John Franklin


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    June 06, 1857

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