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Caution to Files, Mosquitoes Roaches &C

The Menal Tubular Bridge


Permanent Way of Railroads

Humiston's Candle Machine

Curious Chemical Explosion

List of Patent Claims

Compasses on Iron Ships

Notes on Science and Foreign Inventions

Glue in Bones

Expansion of Cast Iron in Solidifying

The New Cent

Shaw's Pendulous Churn


Improved Steam Gage

Gun Igniters

Wrought Iron Cars

Toy Balloons

Water of Artesian Wells

The Frigate Niagara--New York Regatta--George Steers

Reckless Destruction of Property

Inventors and Inventions

Electro-Magnetism as a Motive Power

Artificial Sapphires and Rubies

Western Grain

The Mental Faculties and Phrenology


Gum and Starch

Cremona Violins


Galvanic Gas Igniter


The Comet


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    June 13, 1857

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