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Collodion Photography

Silver in New Jersey


Test Papers

A Perverted Nautical Taste

Interesting Gunpowder Experiment

List of Patent Claims

Removing and Preventing Rust

An Electric Locomotive

To Prevent Scale in Boilers--Native Mother of Pearl

Notes on Science and Foreign Inventions

Agricultural Machines

The Oreide of Gold

Improved Brick Press

Phosphoresence of Insects

Williams' Axle for Carriages

Liquid Manuring

The Frigate Niagara and the Atlantic Cable

Tempering Steel Blades and Dies

Inspectors of Steamboats

Bombay Mechanics' Institute

The Electric Telegraph

Fog Seas of the Moon

American Camels

Constitution of Steel

Hazardous Yacht Trip

Mechanics' Club

To Detect Alum in Bread

New Wheat

A Novel Turn Table

Babbitt Metal

Evils of Telegraph Errors

The Chemist in the Laundry


Important Items

Window Sill Flowers

Anatomical Cause of Short-Sightedness

Treatment of Asthma

Fever Poisons


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