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Improved Hay and Stalk Cutter

Crape Shawls

The Capitol Building

List of Patent Claims

Fermented Bread

Black on Wool

Alumina in Purifying Sugar

Sun Stroke

Stand for Umbrellas in Carriages

Snake Bites

Renovating Articles of Wearing Apparel

Improvements in Drying Glue

Electric Signals for Railroads

Bradley's Puppet Valve

Notice to Inventors

Improved Flour Packer

Fair of the American Institute

Vulcanized India Rubber Belting

The Sacrifices of Inventors

Our City

Locomotive Building

Improved Frictional Bearings

Death of the Hon. William L. Marcy

Changes in the Variation of the Compass

Car Coupling

A Snake Removed From a Women's Stomach

The Comet

Splitting Logs

Progress of the Atlantic Telegraph Cable

New Astronomical Instrument

Manufacture of Steel

Institute of Architects


Fair of the Tennessee Mechanics' Institute


Inventors, and Manufacturers

Ohio Cannel Coal and Coal Oil

Bradley's Sheep-Shearing Machine

Dining Tables at Sea

Dullard's Door Hinge


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    July 18, 1857

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