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Enterprise in Mexico

Improved Grinding Mill

Wood Against Iron in a Trial of Speed

The Transatlantic Telegraph

Water-Proof Glue

Chinese Sugar Cane

Origin of Frangipanni

The Asteroids

List of Patent Claims

A Question About Patents

Niagara Suspension Bridge

Chromotype Copies of Plants, Leaves, Prints, Engravings, &C

Freight Wagons

Labeling of Inventions

Source of Fat

The True Source of Information

Danger of Heating Furnace

Turpentine on Gunpowder

A Fat Salary

Muscles and Pearls

Submarine Carriage Ways


New Churn and Butter Worker

The Great Eastern

Texas Wool

Spots on the Sun

Straw Paper

Chester's Radiator

Chicago to Liverpool Direct

Science and Arctic Voyages

Freighting Oil

The Crops

Death or a Distinguished Chemist

The Government Iron

A New Use for Ether

Dry Ducks

Tests of Flour

The Tide of Emigration

A Triumph of American Reapers in Hungary

Cheap Plating of Iron with Copper

Post Office Revenue

The Calmest Season

Cherry Currants

Health of Cities

Public Buildings

Purifying Sugar by Alumina


Improved Basin Cock

Reuthe's Animal Trap


Inventors, and Manufacturers

Heated Galvanic Battery


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    August 01, 1857

    Confronting Common Wisdom