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Christianity and Science

The “Madeira Pet”

Incombustible Smut Machine

Spontaneous Combustion of Trees

United States Mails Very Uncertain

New Lines of Steamers

Cost of Gumming Saws

Agricultural Machinery and Its Results

Fall of a Tunnel

Management and Precise Value of Peat Fuel

The National Exhibition of Agricultural Machines

Husking Thimble-Small Invention and Large Profits

The Scientific Press of Paris

Improved Pump

Mysterious Disease

A Gathering of Savans

Ocean Steam Navigation

Wethereds' Combined Steam

Inventors Looking Up

Our New Volume

The Final Resignation of Judge Mason

Sharpening Irregular Tools

Utilization of Night Soil

The Agricultural Machine Exhibition

Scott's Improved Stereoscope

Important Items


Back Numbers of the Present Volume

Compressed Air Bath

A Particular Notice About Models


Inventors and Manufacturers


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