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Boyd's Liquor Preserver

Advance Wages for Seamen

Counterfeit Trade Marks

List of Patent Claims

Arctic Explorations This Season

The Tehuantepec Route

The Laying of the Atlantic Telegraph

Natural Bridges

Live Fences--Osage Orange

Indian Corn

Concentrated Milk

Changes in the Size of Vessels

Automatic Fan

Testing of Steam Engines

Self-Lifting Harvester

Goodwin's Center Vent Water Wheel

To Readers of the Scientific American.--Our New Volume

Testimonial to Judge Mason

Miller and Kailey's Steam Gage

Conveyance of Power

United States Residence Registry

Preserving Fresh Meat

Our Cotton Manufactories

Photographing on Wood

Extraordinary Performance of a Turbine



Coal in the United States

New Prospectus


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    August 15, 1857

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