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Boyd's Liquor Preserver


Advance Wages for Seamen

Counterfeit Trade Marks

List of Patent Claims

Live Fences--Osage Orange

Changes in the Size of Vessels

Natural Bridges

Arctic Explorations This Season

Concentrated Milk

Indian Corn

The Laying of the Atlantic Telegraph

The Tehuantepec Route

Self-Lifting Harvester

Goodwin's Center Vent Water Wheel

Testing of Steam Engines

Automatic Fan

To Readers of the Scientific American.--Our New Volume

Miller and Kailey's Steam Gage

Testimonial to Judge Mason

Conveyance of Power


Preserving Fresh Meat

United States Residence Registry

Extraordinary Performance of a Turbine

Our Cotton Manufactories

Photographing on Wood


Coal in the United States

New Prospectus


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