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Stout's Corn Mill

New Method of Plating

Use of the Telegraph in India

Color of Houses

Education in England

Ice Water

The Canadian Canals


Compressed Air Baths

A Cheap Barometer for Farmers

Extracting Coloring Matter

Curious Report Down South

Tempering Tools

Artificial Marble

Dyeing Wools and Woolens

Improved Hominy Machine

American Ingenuity

Treatment of Gutta Percha

The Awards for Reaping Machines

Witherell's Monkey Wrench

Epidemic in the Money Market

Important Facts Concerning the Telegraph Cable--Letter from Professor Morse

The New Commissioner of Patents

Fire-Proof Dresses

How to Make Oil of Vitriol

Important Inquiry About Iron

American Farmers Should Be Intelligent

Feats of Fire-Arms

New Method of Propulsion


Parlor Laboratory

The Late Commissioner of Patents

Setting and Sharpening Saws

The Right of Expatriation

New Prospectus


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    Self-Awareness or Illusion?

    Self-Awareness or Illusion?

    Solving the “Hard Problem”