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Chemical Action of Sugar

Wood Gas

The British East India Company

Portfolio for Periodicals

Leonard's Dynamometer


Caps or Covers for Nails

A Machine for Forming and Hardening Hat Bodies

The Compressed Air Bath

Seeding Machine

Saw Mill

Polishing Bricks

Novel Plow

Gang Plow

Fountain Pen

Fluid Bronze

Descriptive Index to Chemical Patents


Corn Husking Machine

Gould and Flanders' Seed Planter

Rollers for Calendering, Managling, &C.

Improved Tops for Railroad Care

Financial Matters in New York

A Large Reward for a Slight Exertion

The New Front for the Patent Office

The New Commissioner of Patents

Rapid Circulation Necessary for City Water

Patent Office Management--Liberality of Examiners--Sale of Patent Rights

How to Make Remittances

Corpus Christi, Texas

The Twenty-Ninth Annual Fair of the American Institute


Description of the Gulf Stream

New Prospectus of the Scientific American

The Tamarind

Willard's Patent Seed Planter

Artificial Whalebone


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October 17, 1857