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Californian Ingenuity

The Breech-Loading Rifles

The Minie Rifle Ball

Coffee and Milk

Improved Brick Machine

Patent Claims

A Batch of Information


Feeding Paper

Grinding Mill

Nail Machine


American Breech-Loading Guns

Effect of Saleratus on the Teeth

Supposed Meteorite


Important Patent Case

Minium or Cinnabar

Death of an Inventor

India Rubber

Preserving Food


Hotchkiss Rake Head

Manufacturing Coiled Springs

Ames' Radial Grater

How to Make Ivory Soft

Architectural Decorations

Improved Lubricator

Improved Salinometer

The Adriatic

Toothed Wheels

A Word about the Times

The Mechanical Powers

Work for the Unemployed

Mortality among Scientific Journals


Descriptive Index to Chemical Patents

Vibration around Water Dams

Leprosy in Australia

Closing of the Fair of the American Institute

The Rate at which Thought Travels

Extensive Iron Government Building


Warmth for the Winter

Natural Pyramids

Submarine Tunnel


Patent Leather

Bleaching Fibrous Materials

Daguerreotypes by Lightning


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    To Our Subscribers

  • Letters

    Correspondents - November 21, 1857

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