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Rifled Cannon Ball

An American-built Russian Corvette Launched

Iron Wire Rope

Dolson's Feed for Paint Mills


Boiler Explosion


The Orders of Architecture

Hemp Brake

Corn Husker

Hemp Cutter

Sawing Felloes

The Distribution of Heat

Water Heated by Friction

How Coal is Sold in London

Lime Kiln

Preventing Cars from Running off Railroad Tracks

Signal Apparatus

Printing Presses

Drilling Machine

New Fire-Engine Trial

Improved Method of Treating Iron Ores

Messenger and Rehahn's Barrel Cooler

The Commissioner's Decision on the Policeman's Club

Andrus' Feed for Sewing Machines

Getting Better

Arrival of the Frigate Niagara

Improved Diving Bell

Machine for Cleaning Casks

Steamship Vanderbilt

American Cotton and its Present Interests

Fuels, Mineral and Vegetable

Indemnity to the Widow of an American Inventor

Motion and Motors

Trial Trip of the Adriatic

Genius and Labor

Mosquito Tobacco

The Sorghum Sugar Question

Attempted Launch of the Great Eastern

Improved Method of Bleaching Straw Hats


Correspondents - November 28, 1857

Electrical Illumination



Parachute for Mines

Photographing on Wood

Scriptural Statistics

Wild Silk

Creosote a Cure for Dysentery

How to Harden Gypsum

“Big Ben”

New Anesthetic Agents

The Use of Bones

A Chimney



Inventors, Manufacturers and Farmers

Railway Accidents and a Uniform Speed


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Why Do Facts Fail?

Why Do Facts Fail?

Deconstructing Denial