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History of Keys

African Expedition up the Niger

Buried Timber

Kittinger's Boring and Mórtising Machine

French Inventors' Society



That Famous Decision

Seed-Planting Gang Plow



Washing Machine

Improved Trusses

A Combined Propeller and Pump

Sash Balance

Coal Slater

Seed Drill



Cane Coverer

Phosphorescent Animals

Striping Tool

Potts' Improved Signal Lights

Improved Signal Lights

McLarty's Policeman's Club

Andrews' Machine for Filing Saws

Patent Lever-locking Bolt for Doors, & C

Loss of Heat in Steam Boilers

Decision of the Commissioner of Patents the Policeman's Club

Ancient Glass Manufactures

The Milky Way

Segar Machine

Catacombs—Great Deposits of Phosphate of Lime

Dovetailed Building Stones

The Accident at the Launch of the Great Eastern

The American Industrial Association

Imitating Skins of Animals upon Fulled Cloth

More Sorgho Sugar


Which are Best—Plain or Ornamental Stoves?

The Highest Mountain in the World

Cistern Filter

Central America for Cotton

Preparations for Laying the Atlantic Cable Next Year


  • Letters

    Correspondents - December 5, 1857

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