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New Decolorizing Agent

How Wine is Made in California

Darby & Young's Planing Machine

Professor Rogers on English Coal

Steel Plow

Printing Press

Speed Indicator and Governor

Workbox and Escritoir

The Purple of Cassius

Rock Drill

Descriptive Index to Chemical Patents

Bail for Millstones

To Avoid Sneezing

Bole Armenia

Fire Kindling Composition

Artificial Legs


Improved Snow Plow

Improved Railroad Chair

A Few Words about Ourselves

Valuable Discovery

Polishing Glass, Metal, & C

Iron Planes for California

Three Weeks more and the Result will be Settled

Gun Cotton and Collodion

The Steamship Central America

Light and Color

Fluid Pressure


What Causes Vibrations in Dams?

Apparatus for Heating Fluids


Apparatus for Illuminating Objects under Water

The Victoria Tubular Bridge

Paper Impervious to Water


Heat in the Water of Pumps


  • Letters

    Letters with Diagrams

  • Correspondents - December 12, 1857

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