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Soluble Glass Soap

Jenkins' Sheep Shearer

Ground Nuts

Improvements in Cannon

Alloy of Chromium



Drying Bricks by Artificial Heat


Recent Patented Improvements

Painting on Glass


Occult Science

Improved Window Blind

Peculiarities of Bottle Glass

Mode of Constructing Submarine Works

Conversion of Pig Iron into Steel and Malleable Iron

The Horse-Shot Crab

The New Board of Appeals

A New Year's Gift

Our Prizes

Artificial Illumination—Burning Fluids

Malic Acid

Practical Application of Volcanic Matter

Butter-malting and Butter

Is charcoal liable to Spontaneous Combustion?

A Dial Thermometer


Science in Sports


Mechanics, Manufacturers, Inventors and Farmers

The European Locomotive


  • Letters

    Correspondents - January 2, 1858

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The Essential Guide to the Modern World