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Miller's Condenser For Steam Engines

Business Improving

Small Pox and Vaccination

Drying Oil

The Camels


Submarine Operations at Sevastopol

The Lamas

Recent Patented Improvements

Separating Osmiam-Iridiam from Gold

Lime for Potatoes

Plane for California

Destroying the Nerves of Teeth by Electricity

Self-Acting Indicator Bee Stand

Improved Harvester

The Warm Weather

New Information about Sorgho Sugar

Patent Committees—Their Importance

Walk up, Gentlemen and Receive your Prizes!

The Tides

Paper Blankets put to the Test

Applications for Patent Extensions

Ourselves and Others

Hair Specifies—Dyes

Science in Sport


Sword Blades

Preparing to Lay the Atlantic Cable

What the Panic has Cost


  • Letters

    Correspondents - January 23, 1858

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