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Dip of the Magnetic Needle

Improved Furnace Bars

Paull's Ore-Washer

The Atlantic Telegraph Cable—Its Faulty Construction

Tobacco Manufacture

New Method of Bread Making

Russia Made to Pay up

Emigration to the United States and British North America

Encouragement to Old Folks at Home

Selling Coal by Weight

The Texas Grasshoppers Turned Cannibals

Experiments with Paints

Re-Pointing Gold Pens

The Vibrations of Dams Settled

Recent Patented Improvements

Improved Cut-Off for Steam Engines

Rague's Patent Car Coupling

Steam Fire Engines

Removing Scale from Boilers

Artesian Wells

Wine Adulteration

Artesian Wells in the Desert

Atmospherical Phenomena

Baldwin's Water Wheel

Burning Fluid Recipe

False Gas Meters

American Horse-Tamer in London

The Commissioner's Report—How It Takes

The Duke of Wellington and Railroads

Inspectors of Steamboats

Is Charcoal Liable to Spontaneous Combustion?

Gas-Lighting—Article I

New Self-Lighting Lantern

The Crampon

Science in Sports


Transmission of Fevers


  • Letters

    Correspondents - February 20, 1858

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