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Hoadley's Feed-Water Heater for Boilers

Steam Fire Engine


Right and Wrong Musical Ears

The Recent Steamboat Explosions

Canals Versus Railroads

Explosive Waters

Harmless and Sure Cure for Warts

Dwight Ingersoll's Air-Heating Furnace

A Telegraph to Cuba

Electric Lamp

Improved Cotton Press

Improved Zincographic Press

The Infected Ship

Reform of Our Patent Laws

Artesian Wells in California

Morse Telegraph in France


Warning to Mechanics and Others

Mechanical Bakery at Baltimore

Doctor Robert Hare

Mechanical Foree of Lightning

Railway Bridges and Timbers

Iron Bridges

Photography Applied to the Ornamenting of Silk Stuffs

The Cause of Sound and Music


Can there be a Great Scarcity of Timber in the United States

Improved Slide Valve for Steam Engines

Effects of Various Illuminating Materials in Vitiating the Air

Hame Tug Fastener

Stephen's Improved Carpenter's Rule

The Use of Gold


  • Letters

    Correspondents - May 29, 1858

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