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Profitable Mining

Electrical Phenomena

Manufacture of Coke

Tilton's Stalk Cutter

Hoard & Wiggins' Trap Valve

Sorgho, or Chinese Sugar Cane

Pressure upon Fish

How to make Soda Ash

Improvement in Distillation

Sprain Cured by Manipulation

A New Tinning Alloy

Harrison's Double-Acting Force and Lift Pump

Important Surveying Expedition

Improved Dynamometer


Putrefactive Poisons

Steam Navigation and John Fitch

Sun Stroke

A Prize Architectural Association

Steam Boilers and Furnaces

Razor Paper

Recent Patented Improvements

All Animals Can Talk

How Gold Lace is Made

Improvement in Harness Trees

Lord's Perch Coupling

Goodwin's Fruit Gatherer

Important Improvement in Bank Note Printing


Metallic Compound


  • Letters

    Correspondents - July 24, 1858

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