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An Effective Turbine

Hasheesh and its-Smokers and Eaters

Fisher's Gold Amalgamator

Domestic Recipes

Shaler's Carpet Sweeper

New Signal Lantern

Johnson's Adjustable Hanger for Shafting

Collision Preventer

Waterproof Transparent Photographs

Tallow Candles

Pacific Stage Route

Nickel and Iron

New Cigar Boat

Glass Grinding and Polishing—Another Triumph of American Inventors

Buckwheat as Food

The Preservation of Life at Sen

The Leviathan Steamship

The American Institute and its Exhibitors

Plowing by Steam

The Patent Office Building

The Atlantic Cable and Telegraph Conductors

Pickled Beet Root, Spiced Vinegar, & C

Transparent Enamel Photographs

Allen's Washing Machine

Favor's Invalid Chair and Bed


Inventors, Millwrights Farmers, and Manufacturers


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    Notes and Queries - October 23, 1858

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October 23, 1858

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