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Bishup's Stone Gatherer

The Inventor of Cotton-Spinning Machinery

A Tribute to Sir Isaac Newton

Decease of a Great Engineer

Nash's Refrigerator and Milk Closet

The Parasite of a Parasite

Agricultural Chemical Science


To Cover Lace or Net with Copper

Patent Cyclo-Ellipto-Pantograph

A Sensible Memorial

Casting Heavy Guns

Railroad Materials

Improved Self-Feeding Drill

Reminiscences of Sewing Machine Inventors

The Salt, If you Please

American Steel

An Elevated Railroad

Iron Girders—No. 1

Some of the Wonders of Chess-Playing

Materials for Paper

Macdonald's Valve Cock

Philadelphia Steam Fire Engine


Inventors, Millwrights Farmers, and Manufacturers

Ruggles' Windmill

Shooting Stars—Meteors


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    Notes & Queries - October 30, 1858

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Bacterial Balancing Act

Bacterial Balancing Act

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