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Lee & Larned's Self-Propelling Steam Fire-Engine

New Gelatinous Material

Machine for Making Shoe Pegs

Improvement in Power Looms

Georgia Prosperity

Enameling Iron

Bomb Lance for Killing Whales

A Tall Chimney

A Cure for Scrofula

To Make Gold Powder and Liquid

New Photographic Process

Fagan's Improved Pump

Professor Silliman and the Atlantic Cable

Machinery Oil

Examining a Human Heart

American Union of Inventors

Useful Effects of Light

The Sleeping Cars

The Pursuit of Knowledge

Sorghum Sirups

Iron Girders

Salt as a Fertilizer

Retardation of Signals through the Atlantic Cable

Purifying Coal Gas

New Method of Constructing Ships

Notes on the Progress of the Paddle and Screw--No. 2

The Oonoscope



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November 27, 1858