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Lee & Larned's Self-Propelling Steam Fire-Engine

Machine for Making Shoe Pegs

A Cure for Scrofula

A Tall Chimney

Georgia Prosperity

Improvement in Power Looms

New Gelatinous Material

Bomb Lance for Killing Whales

To Make Gold Powder and Liquid

Enameling Iron

New Photographic Process

Fagan's Improved Pump

Examining a Human Heart

Sorghum Sirups

Machinery Oil

Professor Silliman and the Atlantic Cable

The Pursuit of Knowledge

American Union of Inventors

The Sleeping Cars

Useful Effects of Light

Purifying Coal Gas

Iron Girders

Retardation of Signals through the Atlantic Cable

Salt as a Fertilizer

Notes on the Progress of the Paddle and Screw--No. 2

The Oonoscope


New Method of Constructing Ships


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The Essential Guide to the Modern World