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Artificial Pearls

Statistics of Lowell Manufactures

Strength of Camels

Action of Waves

Copying Ink

M. Aime Bonpland

To Destroy the Turnip Fly

Ornamenting Glass

Camphor Ice

Photographic Agents

Trees for Telegraph Posts

Minerals of California

The Great Chess Contest

Floyd's Retort Covers

Certificate of Patent Validity

Improved Shower Bath

Preserving Butter

Soup and Pickles

To Inventors and Patentees--Removal

Meteorology--Our Climate--No. 1


American Lumber Trade--Balancing Saws

Composition for Black Lead Pencils

Are Patents Valuable?--Lobbying

Defects of Gutta Percha


The Cigar-Shaped Steamer Adapted for War

Ships of War

The Winans' Steamer


Inventors, Millwrights, Farmers and Manufacturers

Chimneys for Lamps

Ipecacuanha a Cure for Delirium Tremens

New Kind of Cider

Iron Girders and Beams

New Propeller for Canals


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