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Improved Governor and Cut-Off

Browning for Gun Barrels

“Why Do Not Ladies Skate?”

Yankee Locomotives in Egpyt

Ventilating and Extinguishing Fires in Ships

Tozer's Gas Burner

Variegated Wood

Signing Drawings--How it Works

Orcutt's Paddle Wheel

New Gas Retort

Envelope Machine

Automatic Oven

Body and Brain

The Telescope--Invention and Learning


Rejected Patents

Meterology--Interesting Fact--No. 3

Expansive Gases for Motive Power

The Manufacture of Coal Oil--The First Patent

Pressure on Slide Valves

Cumming's Ballot Box

Hubbard's Hoof-Expanding Horseshoe


Inventors, Millwrights, Farmers and Manufacturers


Suspension Lumber Bridge

Thompson's New Railroad Car


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February 12, 1859

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