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Native Wines

Wilcoxson's Steering Apparatus

Those Terrible Zouaves

Red Lead on Iron Ships

A Railroad Under Government Management

Clean and Dirty Fire Arms

Super-Heated Steam

Method of Analyzing Tanning Liquors

By Humphrey Davy

The Dudley Observatory

Transplanting Evergreens

Battel's Furnace for Heating Tires

Summer Drinks

Setting of Circular Saws

The Inventor of Street Railroads

Chloric Ether Disinfectant

Interesting Correspondence

Observations on Head Ventilation and Hygiene

Speed of Circular Saws

Death of a Prominent Inventor

Barking Fruit Trees

Locomotive Boilers--Post Office Mismanagement

Meneely's Bells

Pulleys on Shafting

Bate's Lard-Rendering Apparatus

A Visit to a Gunpowder Mill

American Hydraulic Cements

Improved Nautical Regulator

The Street Post-Office

Photography and the Arts

“Very Ill”

The Fathers of Philosophy--II

An Atlas

Variety in Creation

The Progress of Invention

Foreign Summary--Metals and Markets

Patent Claims

Grover and Baker's Sewing Machine


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