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Ward's Machine for Turning Irregular Forms

Life-Preserving Ship Berths

Sir David Brewster

Preparing Wool for Market

“One Man's Meat Another Man's Poison”

Railroad Sleeping-Cars

Tires for Railroad Wheels Without Any Visible Joints

Lager Beer

Sales of Unpatented Inventions--Newspaper Postage

Our Visit to the Collinsville Ax Works

A Brad-Awl Screw

Phenomenon of the Frozen Wells

An Interesting Establishment

Photographic Portraits as Signs

Sleep of Plants

Tungsten Steel

Bill's Metallic Piston-Packing

“Still They Come!”

Construction of Cone Pullies

Crawfish and Rats

Daring Feats of Acrobats & Aeronauts

Crawshaw's Sole-Cutter

Clark's Burglar's Alarm

Improved Submarine Cable

Photography and the Arts

The Fathers of Philosophy--III

The Hand

Foreign Summary--Metals and Markets

Patent Claims

Coal Oil Retorts

Howland's Door-Latch


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