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Improved Single Balance Puppet Valve

American Mowing-Machines in England

The Tail of a Tadpole

Steam Carriages


Experiments with Turbine Wheels

Improvement in Steam-Boilers

Commercial Power of Cotton

How to Look Charming

Vegetable Leather

Protection from Lightning

Strength of Wooden Water-Pipes

Electric Light

A Cure for Lumbago

Sewing Machines

More Wonderful Than the Mammoth Cave


Photography and the Arts

Death of a King

Suggestions to Inventors

Red Lead and Graphite for Iron Ships

Selling Articles at Fairs

A Submarine Lantern Tested

Improved Grinding Mill, Corn-Sheller and Straw-Cutter Combined

Very Important Decision

The Fathers of Philosophy--V

Civilized Plagiarism

Agricultural Colleges

Cultivation of Fish

Bi-Sulphuret of Carbon Engine


The War

Prices of Foreign Metals, July 8

Foreign Summary--Metals and Markets

Patent Claims

Green's Secure Belt Coupling

Masury's Improved Paint Can

The Works of Nature

Clemmon's Hemming Attachment to Sewing-Machines


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