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New Pile Driver

Steam Plowing Again

The United States Patent Office

Culture of Tea

Skeleton Leaves of Plants

Lake Superior Copper Mines

The Milky Way

Steam Fire-Engine Correction

Bamberg & Blaser's Clay-Separator

Discovery of the Composition of Water

Eastern Manufactures

Test Papers for Chemists

Defiance to the Elements

Irrigation, Suction and Force Pumps

Novel Experiment at the Washington Monument

Low Water Indicator

Tin--Its Uses and Commerce

Improved Coal Oil Retort

Pennsylvania Polytechnic College

Ink From Elder

Railroad Axles and the Forces They Have to Resist

Transplanting Large Trees

Olive Oil as an Antidote in Poisoning

Improved Plow-Handle Cutter

Improved Double Seaming Machine

The Fathers of Philosophy--VI

A Disputed Question in Steam Explosions

Elderberry Wines

Bartlett's Household Condenser

Gold From the Graves

The Gomez Fuse Train

Sour Milk

Air and Sunshine

Progress on the Pacific

The Uses of Paper

Foreign Summary--Metals and Markets

Patent Claims

Fair of the American Institute

A Mine of Antimony

Improved Machine for Cutting Teeth in Saws

The New Stamped Envelope


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