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Drawing Water for Irrigation

Improved Grain Separator

Important Patent Extension

Prize for a Ditching Plow

New Method of Soldering Aluminium

Casting Metals in Insulated Molds

The Metals of Missouri

The Family of Henry Cort Again

The Wonders of Inventions

A Trip Through the Country

Something Like Eating

Poisoning with Strychnine

Direct-Acting Steam Cranes

Bolting-Cloth Bugs

Artificial Light in Photography

Suggestions Respecting Railway Superstructure

The Bank of England

Improved Millstone Balance

A Column of Interesting Varieties

A Visit to the Patent Office at Washington

New Ventilating Hats

Making Butter

The American Association for the Advancement of Science

New York and Erie Railroad

Interesting Experiment in Electricity

Friction Matches Without Phosphorus

The Winans' Steamer

Improved Tool-Holder

Improved Sawing Machine

Scientific Experiments

Water-Glass or Soluble Silicates

The Fathers of Philosophy--VII

Railway Bridges and Accidents

Foreign Summary--Metals and Markets

New York Assay Office

Patent Claims

Camp's Boiler for Domestic Purposes

Improved Skate


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August 13, 1859

Confronting Common Wisdom