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The Gas-Works at the St. Denis Hotel


Cigar-Making Machine

Marvels of the Mississippi

Dyeing a Purple with Murexid

Early History of Saw-Mills

A Remarkable Solvent

Harbison's Improved Bee-Hive

English Chain Cables

The Form of Boiler-Heads

Ameican Association for the Advancement of Science

Staem-Boiler Explosions

What Should Mechanical Workmen be Taught?

Improved Expanding Auger

Improved Hoop-Lock

Laces and Embroideries

A New Telegraph

Our Manufacturing Interests

The Patent Office Reports for 1858

Give to Mechanics What Belongs to Them!

The Fathers of Philosphy--VIII

Wool-Growers' Fair

Patent Claims

Issued from the United States Patent Office

Foreign Summary-Metals and Markets


The So-Called Alizarin Ink

Field's' Machine for Cutting Wooden Gutters


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The Essential Guide to the Modern World