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Fawkes' Steam Plow

A Chapter on Candles

A Japanese Printing-Office

The Engineering of Spiders

Rain at Different Elevations

Hot-Air Ovens for Iron Furnaces

Improved Hydraulic Elevator

Cannel Coal

Simple Plan of Oiling Journals

Paints for Roofing and Other Purposes

Kyanized Timber

Howell's Improved Retaining Hinge

Artesian Wells Denounced

Telegraphic Exploring Expedition to the Northern Atlantic Ocean

Ship Canal Across the Isthmus of Darien

Pittsburgh Coal-Oil

Experiments With Coal-Burning Locomotives

Clockwork Lock

A Column of Interesting Varietie

Testing Car-Wheels and Rails

Marine Steam Ram

All Men are Chemists

Imitating Marble

Improved Re-Sawing Machine

City Railroad Improvements

The Electric Art Applied to Printing

India-Rubber Interests of the United States

Action of Water on Lead Pipes

Remarkable Patent Case

How to Tell the Character of Past Seasons.

Brilliant Atmospheric Phenomena

Foreign Summary-Metals and Markets

New York Assay Office

New Inventions

Patent Claims

Issued From the United States Patents Office for the week ending august 30, 1859.

Improvements in Vehicles


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September 10, 1859