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Babbitt Metal

Photography and Lithography

Improvement in Steam-Engines

A New Aerial Ship

Preserving Railroad Timber

Lever Power in Place of Steam or Water

Steam-Engines for City Railroads

Our Railroads

Magnetism on Railroads

Gould's Improved Window for Submarine Helmets

James' Rifled Cannon and Projectile

Hot-Air Ovens for Iron Furnaces

Improved Hydraulic Motor

The Heat-Conducting Power of Metals

Sea-Water and Marine Air

To Chemists--A Desideratum

Tinned and Zinced Tubes

The Way German Mechanics Work and Live

Straw Braid and Betsy Baker

Pumping Water for Irrigation

Work of Water-Wheels by Night and Day

The Largest Water-Wheel in the World

A Column of Interesting Varieties

Apparatus for Clarifying Cane Juice

The Challenge Cane Crusher

Telegraphic Science

The Illinois State Fair

The Great Balloon

Weekly Summary of Inventions

The Steam Plow Prize

Foreign Summary—Metals and Markets

Patent Claims

Issued From the United States Patent Office

Improved Cam Press

Improved Cast Steel

Quimby's Monitor Clock


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September 24, 1859

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