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Gregor Menzel's Steam-Boiler

Burning Wet Tan Bark

New Manufacture of Gunpowder

Making Sugar From Chinese Cane-Juice

Allen's Mower vs. McCormick's Reaper

Trials of Farming Machines

The Cotton Manufacture in the United Kingdom

Marvels of the Mississippi

A New Aerial Chariot

Hartzler's Improved Pump

Hot-Air Ovens for Iron Furnaces

Improved Horse-Power

To Protect Animals From Flies

A Very Good Suggestion

The Coal-Oil Manufacture

Steam--Its Heat and Pressure

Reliable History of Steam Navigation

Deflection of Bridges, Ice, &c

Death to Cockroaches

Cure for Insect Bites

A Column of Interesting Varieties

Gases in Water

Ferries Wanted in England

Improved Gas Apparatus

Present State of the Patent Office

Burrough's Paper-Cutting Machine

The Natural and the Artificial

Scientific Progress

Old World Conservatism

Important Patent Case

A South-East Rain

Weekly Summary of Inventions

The Four Organic Elements

Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Carbon

Extension Cases

Canal Chain Propellers

Foreign Summary—Metals and Markets

Patent Claims

Issued from the United States Patent Office

Improved Cider and Sugar-Mill


  • The Aurora and Cosmical Phenomena

  • Departments

    Notes and Queries

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October 01, 1859