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Burroughs' Paper-Cutting Machine

Hot-Air Ovens for Iron Furnaces

How to Remove the Human Hair

The Artificial Man

Compasses of the Great Eastern

Improved Seeding-Machine

Fair of the American Institute

Interesting Patent Suit

Boyden's Calash Tops for Vehicles

A German Invitation to American Inventors

India-Rubber Solvent

Bread-Making in Spain

Substitute for Hay and Turnips

The Atlantic Telegraph

A Column of Interesting Varieties

Watt's Steam-Engine Improvements

Thoughts on the Progress of Science

Kaefer's Mode of Transmitting Motion

American and English Locomotives

Tewksbury's Rocking-Cradle

Death of Brunel

A Visit to the Manhattan Gas-Works

The American Scientific Association

How to Make Hard Water Soft

Iron Ships

Foreign Summary—Metals and Markets

Weekly Summary of Inventions

The Four Organic Elements

Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Carbon

Patent Claims

Issued from the United States Patent Office

Carl's Improved Grinding-Mill

Fishing Reel

The Real Motion of the Sun


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October 08, 1859

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