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Improved Machine for Making Cigars

Silvering Animal Vegetable, and Mineral Substances

Adulterated Food and Medicines


Detecting Adulterous Substances in Beer

Artificial Duck-Hatching

California Matches

Walking on the Water

The Utility of High Premiums

The Trans-Mundane Telegraph Line

Reliable Recipes

Curious Coincidence of Natural Laws

Stiles's Improved Toe-Stretcher

Hot-Air Ovens for Iron Furnaces

Dangers of Ballooning

Shank's Biscuit Board

Hours of Labor

Animal Oxydation

The Amalgamation and Gilding of Aluminum

Notes on Foreign Inventions

Electrical Invention

A Column of Interesting Varieties

The Four Organic Elements

Iron and Its Useful Applications

Another Iron Ship!

Wood's Oscillating Engine

Do We Know How Magnetism is Produced

The State Fair

Electrotyping Our Paper

Fair of the American Institute

Weekly Summary of Inventions

How to Obtain Letters Patent

Foreign Summary-Metals and Markets

Patent Claims

Improved Method of Tanning

Water-Gas at Wilmington


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October 15, 1859

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