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Fawkes' Steam Plow

Sir John Franklin's Remains

Russia Leather

Improved Steam Boiler

Dyeing Hats and Feathers

A Humboldt Institute

Properties Characterizing Steel

Governors for Marine Engines

Gold Amalgamators

The Manufacture of Axes

Hydraulic and Steam Cranes

Hot-Air Ovens for Iron Furnaces

Agricultural Mechanics

Symmes' Gas Valve

Ice Manufacture

Improvement in Coffins

Illuminating Gas

More About Coal-Oils and Coal

Notes on Foreign Inventions

Historical Days in October

The Four Organic Elements

Death of Professor Nichol

Mode of Case-Hardening Wrought and Cast Iron

Ira Kinman's Measuring-Faucet

Curing Felons


Hydraulic Science

Steam-Engine Regulators--Governor Cut-Offs

One Hundred Thousand Subscribers!

Fair of the American Institute

Weekly Summary of Inventions

Foreign Summary--Metals and Markets

Sale of Patents

Electrotyping by Lightning

Patent Claims

Baldwin's Lightning-Rod

Drake's Improved Lamp

Mellen Battel's Cant-Hook

Molding Fruits and Insects in Metal


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October 22, 1859

Confronting Common Wisdom