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American Center-Board Clippers

Improved Metal Bar Cutter

Boilers of Steamers

Management of Boilers and Kitchen Ranges

A Common Error in Drainage

The Battin Patent Case

Follies in Food

A Millionaire Inventor's Carriage

A “Rip Van Winkle” on Inventions

Improved Coal Oil Retort

Fawkes' Steam Plow Abroad

Fair of the American Institute

Barks for Tanning

Notes on Foreign Inventions

A Column of Interesting Varieties

The Growth of the Sewing-Machine Business

Lake Superior Iron Ore

Boston Horse-Railroads

Cathcarts' Marine Governor

Machine for Wiring Blind Rods

Death of an Inventor


Robert Stephenson

Ocean Steam Navigation

American Industry Abroad


Coal Oil Lamp

Explaining Things

Foreign Summary--News and Markets

Patent Claims

Weekly Summary of Inventions

Faught's Horse-Power

Important Patent Extension

Steamer New World Sunk


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November 05, 1859

Confronting Common Wisdom