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Purifying Illuminating Gas

Improved Cork-Cutting Machine

Liquefaction of Flint in Water

Electro-Magnetism and Locomotives

Uses of Liquified Quartz

Mr. Donald Mckay's Opinions of British Shipping

Compressed Air-Engines

Tempering Steel Wire

Improved Preserve Can

Cleaning Boilers

A Good-Natured Letter

Work of Water-Wheels by Night and Day

Our Journal in Europe

Infringement Case

Pyrometer on the Principle of the Steam Gage

Perpetual Motion--Pathetic Story of its Inventor

Merits of Galvanized Iron

Coal Oil--Secret Inventions

Steel from Cast-Iron Without Fire

Advice About Patent Extensions

A Column of Interesting Varieties

Improvement in Valve Rods for Self-Feeding Boilers

Improved Molding Device

The New Time Ball

The Buffalo Big Ship

Steam-Boiler Inspection

Perpetual Motion

Architecture and Building Materials

Iron and Wood for Ships

A Remarkable Meteor

Sewing-Machines and the American Institute

Removing Mildew From Linen

Weekly Summary of Inventions

Foreign Summary--News and Markets

Patent Claims

Improved Chimney Caps

Discovery of a Sunken City

Improvement in Hemming-Guides for Sewing-Machines


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November 26, 1859

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