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Stover's Molding Machine


Important Hints on Ventilation

By E. M. Richards

Screw Fastenings for Ships

Art of Etching

Contraction of Horses' Feet--Cause and Remedy

Improved Machine for Jointing Staves

Singular Methods of Hearing

Bone Manure

Lyon's Lock and Detector

Franklinite--Metallic Ore

Interesting Postal Decision

The Great Meteor of Nov. 15, 1859

Libraries of the United States

The Transmission of Knowledge

A Column of Interesting Varieties

A Delighted Inventor

Improvement in Bagasse Furnaces

India-Rubber Liquid--Waterproof Leather Removing Mildew, & C

Forfeiture of Patents

Beneficial Public Works

John Bull in a Rage

New York Markets

Scientific News

Weekly Summary of Inventions

Patent Claims

Hints to Our Readers

A Good Portable Engine

Hints to Our Subscribers

Novel Canal Boat Propeller


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December 17, 1859

Beyond XX and XY

Beyond XX and XY

Biology. Identity. Equality.