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Improved Gold Separator

Applications for the Extension of Patents

Polytechnic Association of the American Institute

An Improved Weighing Scale Wanted

Radiation and Absorption of Heat by the Earth

Our Special Correspondence - February 18, 1860

Meteorology in the Cellar

The Plan of a Country House

Wax--Its uses and Colors

Extensive Experiments to Test the Strength of Iron and Steel

The Banks of the United States

Testing of Wrought Iron Girders

Railroad Items

Wells' Annual of Scientific Discovery for 1830

Magnetized Wheels of Locomotives--A Timely Hint to Inventors

Agricultural Lectures at New Haven

A Column of Varieties

Linen and Flax

Elastic Hose for Steam

Contraction of Steel in Hardening

Coal Tar for Fruit Trees

Coal Tar Again

Douglas's Steam Trap

New Machine for Making Packing Boxes

Glass Steam Engine


Strength of Wrought Iron Beams

Ignorance of Steam--Its Dangers and Safety

Ericsson's Air Engine

The Steamer Adriatic

Ex-Commissioner Bishop

Carpet Loom Extension Case--Important Decision

Weekly Summary of Inventions- February 18, 1860

Foreign News and Markets- February 18, 1860

New York Markets- February 18, 1860

Patent Claims- February 18, 1860

The Power of Water - February 18, 1860

Zoological and Botanical Garden- February 18, 1860

Phelps' Envelope-Opener

Self-Closing Inkstand


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    Notes and Queries- February 18, 1860

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February 18, 1860