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The Hoosick Tunnel

The Shaker Washing Machine

A Practical Inquiry into the Cause of the Fall of the Pemberton Mill

Arranging Compasses to Prevent Attraction

Iron Fences

Signs of the Times

Sewerage of Cities

Complete Description of the Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis

Improved Shovel Plow

Laying Out Orchards

Abandonment of Inventions to the Public

Polytechnic Association of the American Institute

A Column of Varieties

The Curculio

Salt, Show and Dirt

Manufacture and Uses of Starch

Fire-Escape-Sliding From the Top of the City Hall

The American Institute

Smith's Improved Water Wheel

Improved Wagon Brake

The Way to Tell the Time of Night by the Stars

The Power of Coal

Quartz-Crushing Machinery

Applications for the Extension of Patents

Weekly Summary of Inventions - March 10, 1860

Foreign News and Markets - March 10, 1860

Cost and Performances of Locomotives

Important Trial of a Patent Suit at Baltimore


Patent Claims - March 10, 1860

Issued from the United States Patent Office

Hints To our Readers

Improved Nozzle for Hose Pipe

Improved Handle for Stove Covers

Smith's Hose Coupling


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    Notes and Queries - March 10, 1860

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March 10, 1860

Confronting Common Wisdom