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The Daguerreotype

Higging's Patent Anchor Tripper

Loss of Light by Glass Shades

Glycerine for Gas Meters

The Obstruction to the Navigation of Rivers Caused by the Piers of Bridges

By J. W. Sprague

Philosophical Instruments

How to Make a Mushroom Bed

Fawkes' Steam Plow

A Wonderful Cave

A Sparkling Vane

The Water Wheel Experiments at Philadelphia

A Chance for Inventors--a Greater than Whitney Wanted

Curious Optical Phenomena

Polytechnic Association of the American Institute

A New Areometer for Determining the Real Density of Liquids

American Naval Architecture

Iron and Wooden Ships

English Locomotives on a Bender

A Column of Varieties

Improved Hay--Maker

Improved Mole for Drain Plows

The Leather-Dealers and the Lynn Strikers

Activity and Industry of Inventors

Working Steam Expansively

Wooden and Iron Ships

Peroration on a Wagon Brake


The Profits of Tanning

Self-Acting Ships' Pump

Testimonial Letters

Patent Claims - March 31, 1860

Issued from the United States Patent Office

Foreign News and Markets - March 31, 1860

Weekly Summary of Inventions - March 31, 1860

Lapham's Steam Trap

Applications for the Extension of Patents

Greene's Gas Lamp

Howe's Sewing Machine Trial

Jorey's Patent Horse Shoe


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    Notes and Queries - March 31, 1860

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March 31, 1860

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