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Improved Surface Condenser and Heat Reclaimer

Argument of Hon. Charles Mason

Aerial Chariots Drawn by Eagles

The Profits of Tanning

The Cotton Gin--Letter from a Planter

Prevention of Scale in Boilers

Our Friends

McEwen and Patterson's Ventilating Shoes

Changing Motion

Durkee's Grain-Binder

Death of an Inventor - May 5, 1860

The Instinct of Appetite

Literary and Scientific Notices - May 5, 1860

A Column of Varieties

Polytechnic Association of the American Institute

Hardening Edge Tools

A Pipe Made in a Chicken's Gizzard

Improved Planing Machine

Kennedy's Method of Securing Iron Mouth-Pieces to Clay Retorts

Coloring of Nature and Art

The Way to Manage an Invention

The Result of the Water Wheel Experiments in Philadelphia

American Police and Fire Alarm Telegraph

Weekly Summary of Inventions - May 5, 1860

Editorial Correspondence - May 5, 1860

Discoveries and Inventions Abroad - May 5, 1860

Steam Engineering--Expansion

Patent Claims - May 5, 1860

Issued from the United States Patent Office


Money Received

Vol. I of the New Series

Douglas's Water Escape Valve

McNeil's Hot-Air Moistening Register


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    Notes and Queries - May 5, 1860

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May 05, 1860

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