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Improved Boat-Lowering Detaching Attaching and Griping Apparatus

American Naval Architecture


On the Pre-Historical Existence of Man

Science Aiding Justice

Sault's Air Trap

The Work and Power of Steam Engines

The Japanese Embassy

A Meteoric Mystery

Thompson's Regulating Gas-Burner

Philosophy in an Eggshell

How to See through a Brick Wall

Barn-Yard Manure

The Hexagonal Cell of the Honey-Bee

By W. J. Weeks

Our Western Correspondence

Cotton-Spinning Mules

Consumption and Its Causes

Treatment of Inventors by Government

Polytechnic Association of the American Institute

Egg-Hatching Machine

Barcroft's Improved Dredging Machine

Improved Hay, Hop and Cotton Press

Douglas's Valve

City Boiler Inspection

The Increase and Improvement of Steamships

County Bonds for Railroads

A Crumb for Inventors


Foreign News and Markets - May 19, 1860

Electric Lights for Lighthouses

Weekly Summary of Inventions - May 19, 1860

Patent Claims - May 19, 1860

Vol I of the New Series

Money Received

Applications for the Extension of Patents

Cause and Prevention of Grape Rot

Improved Tin Plate Former

Improvement in Melodeons


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    Notes & Queries - May 19, 1860

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May 19, 1860

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